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Origins - The Directions of Our Cultural Winds

An Art Exhibition that Reflects Our Ethnic Roots 

Art Competition shows Dutch windmill De Molen, in ways never seen before...

27 April - 2 July, 2023 - Māpuna Kabinet art gallery, Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, Foxton

Which wind direction turns your cultural ‘sails’? We've asked artists to create an art work: Combine Foxton’s imposing windmill De Molen ­– and its four sails ­– with your whakapapa,
your ethnic origins.

The Wind... A symbol of the forces that brought waka, sailing ships and airplanes across wild oceans to Aotearoa New Zealand – over many centuries.

The Four Sails of De Molen Foxton’s windmill is a symbol of cultural identity, built by migrants from Nederland with a deep longing to create a reminder of ‘home’.

‘Origins’ – The Art Competition

People can participate in two ways.
Compete as an Artist and have your work displayed in our Art Gallery
2. Join the Public Art Competition
– on the Big Dutch Day Out: Saturday, 27 April
Prize-giving  – on the Big Day of festivities, in Te Awahou Riverside Cultural Park.
Artist works – displayed in our Art Gallery exhibition, for 2 months.
Public Prize-Winners – displayed in the Foyer of our Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom centre.

Two Art Competitions

1.    Artist Exhibition

Create an Artwork that reflects De Molen – Combined with your own Cultural Roots. Open to Artists from around the region, and around the country. Send it in, by Saturday 20 April.

Have you ever seen De Molen in action? Watched its four sails powering mighty wooden machinery grinding flour? The way it was done, since times of old? It's a mighty sight, that you may want to capture - combined with visuals or symbols from your own ethnic background.

We will curate the Exhibition, and artists can offer their Artworks for sale (30% commission).

2.    Public Art Display

We provide a wide range of Art Materials on the Big Dutch Day Out. So you can sit down with the kids and create your master pieces – as everybody gazes at De Molen and reflects on their own cultural origins. It’s festive and fun.


The Dutch Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ard van der Vorst, artists and MPs will judge the efforts – and hand out prizes.

Artist Prizes
$500: Rembrandt:    
Most original De Molen – or aspect of it – Combo with Culture of Origin
$250: Mondriaan:     
$250  Picasso:           

Public Art Prizes: 10 in total
Categories: Tamariki - Rangatahi - Adult    

Big Dutch Day Out 

We expect some 4,000 people on the day. Bring your whanau. Eat oliebollen, haring, kroketten. Play old wooden castle games. Join the Steltlopen (stilt walking), Zaklopen (sack jumping) and Klompengooien (clog throwing), and other Odd Old Dutch Games.

Saturday 27 April:   From 10am
Prize-Giving:             1pm to 2pm, Māpuna - Kabinet Art Gallery
Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom: 92 Main Street, Foxton

Exhibition Schedule 

Origins - The Directions of our Cultural Winds
27 April to 23 June 2024 

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom
Māpuna Kabinet Art Gallery. 92 Main Street, Foxton
Free entry. Open daily. Saturdays and Sundays: 10am to 4pm. Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 5pm

Support: Oranjehof + Piriharakeke museums / De Molen / Horowhenua District Council / Ministry for Ethnic Communities / Creative Communities

For further info, please contact Arjan van der Boon, on 027 494 3658. 

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