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Gift Treasures - Uw Erfstukken

You may want to gift an object, an art piece or some memorabilia that tell your or your family's story.

Click here, to open our Acquisition Policy. And see if what you would like to offer us, fits in with what we can accept.

Once you have had a chat with our Collections person, and we agree that you would gift Oranjehof an item?

Click here, to find our Acquisition Form. Fill out the form, and email it back to us. 

IMPORTANT NOTE on (Auto-)Biographies / Diaries / Correspondence:  We tell the story of De Nederlanders in Nieuw Zeeland. So we love to collect your personal stories. If you have a written biography (about yourself, family members or friends), or a diary, or correspondence with home?
We really need those - to add to our collection! Please contact us!

NOTE on Books:  No Dutch generic books can be accepted – due to the fact that operating in a Library environment, no second-hand books are allowed to enter the space (infection risk – eg mould or silverfish).
We can make exceptions and will occasionally accept books of exceptional or unique cultural, historical, social or rarity value.

Collection Information

The Oranjehof Exhibition

The main areas of the Oranjehof Exhibition cover the following topics:

  1. Encounter between Abel Tasman’s crew and Tangata Whenua
  2. Immigration and travel / Settlement / Positive and negative experiences
  3. Home away from Home – Memorabilia / Typical Dutch items
  4. Huiskamer / Kitchen / Dutch traditional clocks / Traditional costume
  5. Personal Digital Stories – Spanning the 1950s to today
  6. Achievement stories by Dutch immigrants – Individual and/or social / cultural / business
  7. Visual Arts and Design
  8. Interactive area for youngsters, incl dress up and a bicycle for selfies
  9. Links with the modern Netherlands

Acquisition Policy and Criteria

The collection of materials must comply with priorities defined by the Dutch Connection Museum Trust and meet the criteria of the Acquisition Policy:

  • The item must have intrinsic value
  • The item must be consistent with and relevant to the stated purpose, scope and activities of the museum
  • The item must fit with the Exhibition set-up at Oranjehof
  • The item must tell a typically representative Dutch immigration story
  • The item should be of museum quality (exceptions will be made for certain items)
  • Primary consideration will be given to the museum’s ability to provide proper care and storage for any artefact or works of art. No item(s) should be considered for acquisition if its physical condition exceeds the museum’s financial ability to provide for its care and preservation
  • The item(s) must have a verifiable, when needed, record of authenticity and provenance. The provenance of acquired items shall be a matter of public record
  • The items must have a free and clear title
  • The donor is responsible for appraisals of value. Unless an exception is made, the museum shall not provide an appraisal of a donation. It may offer suggestions concerning outside independent appraisal services
  • All acquisitions are to be outright and unconditional
  • All donations to the museum’s collections are irrevocable upon the formal and physical transfer to the museum
  • A form stating a description of the item, the conditions of the transfer and the history of the object shall be completed, signed and dated by the donor
  • The Museum Trust at its sole discretion decides whether an accessioned item will be allocated to either the Permanent or Exchange Collection, or is designated as part of the Disposable Collection, the Online Collection or a Temporary Exhibition
  • All acquisitions by gift or bequest to the museum that are allocated to the Disposable Collection will either be used as items that can be handled, used or touched by museum visitors as part of exhibitions or atmospheric displays until they lose their physical integrity, or if they no longer remain useful for the purposes of the museum will be disposed of through any method deemed appropriate by the Museum Trust
  • All acquisitions by gift or bequest to the museum that are allocated to the permanent collection must remain in the possession of the museum for as long as they retain their physical integrity and authenticity, and as long as they remain useful for the purposes of the museum
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