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On Saturday morning, 27 February, a dawn ceremony  was performed opening the new park which overlooks the river loop in Foxton. Karakia were performed and a day of festivities with music and kai was started. 

One highlight was the unveiling of a 150 year old Anchor in one of the gardens of Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom. Another impressive historical taonga was added the Cultural Park, right on the border with the brand new River Loop park.

In his address to the public, Mayor Bernie Wanden said,  “What we see today is the culmination of a combined community, Maori, Council effort.”

Another local dignitary, Robin Hapi said that, “It’s not the end of our journey but perhaps the end of the beginning of the journey, as far as the restoration of our river loop at Foxton is concerned.” There are bigger plans ahead to link the River Loop back to the Manawatu river. To make Foxton's awa come back to life with waka ama, rowing boats, kayaks and sailing boats.

Foxton's River Loop Park Celebrates $3.8 million Upgrade

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