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Oranjehof organised an exhibition with exquisite jewellery – shining glittery lights - in the 'Mapuna Kabinet' gallery from October to December 2020. The artworks were surrounded by the shadows and colourful hues of moody paintings, that worked on the emotions. 

‘Parallax: Shine and Shadows – Spelen met Licht’, was all about illusion - playing with your imagination. 

The artists who came together in the Parallax group exhibition, love to work with light, ideas, concepts, and interesting new angles to look at things.

“The vibes of our show are pure Aotearoa, but with deep Dutch roots,” says jeweller Peter Deckers. “Some might say, that it’s all about heritage and discipline – set free in an edgy land far from everywhere else, that’s full of boundless energy and freedom from stifling traditions.”

“By bringing four different artists together, various perspectives of mood and transformation are presented, so we can hopefully come to see our everyday reality in a different perspective.”

Parallax: Shine and Shadows – Spelen met Licht

  • Peter Deckers
  • Gerda Leenards
  • Moniek Schrijer 
  • Nina van Duijnhoven

Artists with Dutch Roots play with light - In unique ways

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